i have a studio

it's unbeliveable, but Annet Couwenberg
gave me a personal studio space in the
fiber department. i invented the fancy
table construction. it's a door, i found
next to the dumpster.

exhibition: Y-SUIT

Y-SUIT in 'fresh' exhibition
Middendorf Gallery, Baltimore
Oct 22 - Nov 01 / 2009

the golden three

work: camouflage

my new and final print project.
there will be a life sized armchair with a pillow and teddy, a floorlamp and a wall/floorpaper arranged in one corner and totally covered with this armchair/pillow/teddy/floorlamp print.
a sweet kind of camouflage.
presentation due: dec 10 or 17

work: men-at-work

first pieces for my men-at-work collection.
it's a hat-helmet between prada and ducking
and one sophisticated glove.

work: Y-JEANS-?

is done.
3 handmade legs, printed with Y , JEANS and ?
build up a big denim Y-shape. legs are life-sized
and filled with fabric, which makes them so elastic.

work: Y-JEANS-?

i made some feet today
and some y- and jeans-jeans prints yesterday.
i printed with a resist dye technique on denim
(light parts showing original fabric color)
stay close to your apartment

work: i-found-y

on my way to MICA's fiberdepartment i started to look out for Y-shaped forms. i collect, put every single item in a little transpartent plastic bag and put a date on it.
how to present: around 100 little founded y-shaped forms surrounded by little plastic bags will be arranged well organized on a wall. in some parts of the installation 1-3 little personal itmes, i brought with me to america, will be sparingly displayed. these items, like pictures, will refer on my past and where i come from. the 'i-found-y' collection is still in process and growing.
presentation due: dec 7.

work: natty-boh-print

1 of 3 different prints

work: men-at-work

i made up my mind regarding the men-at-work performance.
i found a performnce room and a performance concept.
performance concept: kind of interactive fashion show; make the audience responsible for what i'm wearing; what should i wear today darling?
performance room: garage of copycat building

we totally need

more crochet-mini-dresses.

work: i-found-y

the beginning of a collection.
now i see y-shapes everywhere.

trip: NY

i went to NY
first time in life
on sept. 20
for three days.
--> 1 sec of manhattens skyline at night out of a cap

mini mini bar

will be build up soon by y and k

work: $$$

for my accumulation project i try to
be a great receipt-collector and bookkeeper.

work: Y-JEANS-?

my new printing project 'Y-JEANS-?' is
due until nov 5th and will be made out
of printed denim and skincolored fabric.

work: Y-SUIT

y-suit is finished and a selected piece of the 'fresh' exhibition in Baltimore, since today.
i crocheted 4 days and 4 nights a wearable y-shaped-bodysuit out of 5 fullsized cotton bedsheets (2 of them are tommy hilfiger bedsheets). i made my own yarn by cutting bedsheets in slices and sewing them together afterwards. i also made my own crochet-needle out of a wooden stick.

the breakfastmachine

will be build up soon by y and k

ace of cakes -----------
i found
a summer's
relict in my
baltimore's autum


work: a hundred things of something

i found a broken record in my building, 'hands on you' by the raspberries. i made a hundred pieces out of the record by using rough tools.
after that, i rearranged the hundred diffrent record shapes tidy and clearly and presented them all in a installation while my notebook, covered with a boombox illustration, was playing the original song 'hands on you' by the raspberries.

work: crochet

crochet again, but true colors this time
my special class on monday

work: Y-SUIT

a material construction
due: oct 13
state of affairs:
i made my own yarn
out of bedsheets
and my own crochet
needle out of wood

work: felted bodyparts #1

presentation: felted bodyparts
part one: vagina