work: Y-JEANS-?

is a selected piece for the
'fiberocity' exhibition
curated by Piper Shepard.
work will be up only on
friday, dec. 4 / 2009
middendorf gallery, baltimore.

i'm happy as never before again.

work: men-at-work

here comes the plaid part
of my men-at-work-collection.
all shirts i used,
all products i invented.

i'm not a model model

for and with
kasia (graphic designer katarzyna komenda)

work: men-at-work

the jumpsuit is one piece of the striped part
of maw-collection. it's business babe.
i'm happy as never before.
do something
overhead projectors

work: men-at-work


my plan

an embroidery love letter to 40026
to impress teachers and tool crib
and make them give me 40026 until
semester ends. perfidious.

is the name of my favourite
tool crib sewing machine.
i would love to have her all day
and night long, but unfortunately
i have to check her back in
every evening before 10pm.
that sucks. i need a plan.

work: follow the line

this will be my new print
for introclasses project#2:
the encoded cloth,
due until nov/17.

work: men-at-work

latest inventions:
bra and clutch

work: men-at-work

only one month left until final presentation
dec 10 / 2009, 7.30pm in copycat garage.
i'm currently working on the plaid part
of the m-a-w-collection. there will be a plaid
bag, boots, a trench and bra finished soon.

shirts i used

products i invented